What is it?


Monetize your CPU

Convert your unused CPU power to mine some extra Doge coins! So easy



Payments are sent directly to your FaucetPay account every 15 minutes, we will pay even the smallest 0.00000001 DOGE fraction if your CPU is slow!!



We are keeping 5% of the income to cover the server costs. There are no higher paying CPU based mining service in the Internets :)

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start mining?

This system is applicable only on desktop computers, not on mobiles
1) Download the latest XMRig software from THIS site. Google Chrome may block the download as dangerous, but it's not. In this case, click CTRL+J (view downloads) and chose keep dangerous file / keep anyway.
2) After downloading it , extract the zip file to your disk
3) Download THIS file (right click to the link -> Save link as...) and place (replace) it to the SAME directory as the extracted miner is
4) BEFORE YOU START MiNING: Open the downloaded file with the text editor and change line #69 to:
"pass": "a=randomx,n=YOUR_FAUCETPAY_EMAIL_HERE" (replace the YOUR_FAUCETPAY_EMAIL_HERE with your real faucetpay email address), Save the changed file. This file identifies you - making your connection with this page and give you periodic payouts. Do NOT change the rest of the file!!! Otherwise you will not get paid!
5) Execute the XMRig.exe application (Some Antivirus programs may flag it as dangerous, but it's not. In this case add the whole folder with the miner to the exclusions
6) Sit back and watch how you getting free DOGE every 15 minutes :)

How much i can earn?

It depends on two factors: your CPU hashing speed (newer / more CPUs giving better results), and the time you using your computer to mine (more time = better results in hashrate = payouts)

Can i use more than one computer to mine?

Yes, it is recommended to use every computer you can utilize.
To be sure the system will recognize every miner, please use to the next miners separate linked DOGE addresses from your FaucetPay account. (You can generate more DOGE addresses in your local DOGE wallet)

How to withdraw?

Just sit back and relax. Once you set up and start the mining process, that is easy, the payments will be sent in 15 minutes intervals directly to your FaucetPay account

Do i need to register here?

No, you just need enter use your FaucetPay email address to the configuration file mentioned above

How can i check my stats / earnings?

There is no option for that. Just check your FaucetPay balance and its transactions from mine-doge.online "faucet" :) We want to keep this page as simple as we can.